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Our Team

We are focused on providing an inclusive education that meets the needs of the whole child. Our personalized curriculum supports each child to have successful experiences at school, at home, and in the community. Our philosophy of doing for, doing with, and supporting students to do for themselves helps develop coping skills for moving forward. 

Jeanette Salinas, Ed.D.

Founder & Director

Jeanette completed her Doctorate of Education at the University of Houston in Curriculum and Instruction - Learning, Design, and Technology. Jeanette was inspired, at age 5, by Ms. McGee who provided a loving environment for children to connect to learning in their own, unique ways. Her education, over a decade of experience, and a passion for serving twice-exceptional learners brought Jeanette to co-found The Journey School.

Jennifer Brown, M.Ed.

Founder & Clinical Coordinator

Jennifer, licensed as an LPC, has a decade of teaching experience and holds a master’s degree in clinical counseling from The University of St. Thomas. Jennifer’s deep appreciation for connecting with others in meaningful ways, as well as her love of learning, was the driving force behind her decision to co-found The Journey School of Houston.

Adriana Crane, LCSW

Family Consultant 


Adriana Crane, LCSW, is an advanced child/adolescent psychoanalyst candidate at Hannah Perkins and an adult psychoanalytic candidate at the Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston. Adriana works as a Family Consultant supporting families to understand their child’s motivations, behaviors, emotional developmental stage, and attachment style.  

Ms. Hadley


Hadley Hollingsworth grew up in Houston, Texas, with 4 brothers. She plays the violin, enjoys rock climbing, and has been baking bread recently. When she is bored or sad, her puppy Huxley is quick to be an endless source of joy. She’s taught for 4 years in public school and is excited to join the journey team!

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