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CUIN Doctoral Student Jeanette Salinas Opens the Journey School of Houston

February 19, 2016

Curriculum and Instruction - Learning, Design, & Technology doctoral student Jeanette Salinas has successfully opened The Journey School of Houston which personalizes curriculum to meet the needs of children ages 5 through 13 years old.  Salinas believes that a child’s traditional grade level hinders learning when the child’s ability varies across subject areas like reading and math.  “The Journey School of Houston’s whole child approach considers the social and emotional needs of each child while supporting children to reach their academic potential,” she said.

Graduate student co-founds school for ‘twice-exceptional’ students

January 20, 2016

Among the objects within the yellow plastic toolbox found in the small classroom at the Journey School of Houston are a homemade kaleidoscope, pinwheel and stress ball.


To most people, these are just random toys but to the Journey School students, they are imperative to their ability to just get through the day.


“The kaleidoscope is for focus, the pinwheel for breathing and the stress ball is for anger,” Jeanette Salinas, doctorate student and co-founder of the Journey School said.


Heights School Carries on a Tradition

November 13, 2015

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